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17 June, 2011

EOHSJ – Western Lieutenancy Members Join Travcoa Tour Group Visit Bethlehem University

TravcoaOn Wednesday, June 1st, 2011, Bethlehem University was delighted to host several guests from the U.S., travelling with Travcoa, one of the world’s leaders in tailor made luxury travel tours. The tour group included many members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem – Western Lieutenancy.  Welcoming the group to campus was Mr. Demitri Awwad - Guest Relations Officer.

The group, mainly from the San Diego area, showed enthusiasm for visiting the campus, the first established university in the West Bank. Their visit started with lunch at the Hotel Management, where they were able to “taste the fruits” of their support of Bethlehem University by enjoying the service of students and staff of the Hotel Management, who enjoyed the unique opportunity of being a Travcoa tour stop.

TravcoaBr. Peter Bray - Vice Chancellor of the University and Br. Jack Curran - Vice President of Development both greeted and welcomed the group at the dining hall. It was in particular a delightful occasion for Br. Peter Bray, who was able to visit with Monsignor Daniel Dillabough - former VP of Mission and Ministry as well as former VP of University Relations at the University of San Diego, where Brother Peter Bray earned his doctorate degree.  Br. Peter Bray completed his doctorate at San Diego University were Msgr. Dillabough served as the Vice President of Mission and Ministry. Also joining the group were Knight Robert Hoehn and Lady Elizabeth Manchester .   

Msgr. Dillabough and members of the Western Lieutenancy have worked ardently in assisting Bethlehem University students to complete their studies, through financial support and even hosting some of our students at their homes. Two students who will be travelling to San Diego area this summer to complete internships, Loujine Khouri ’12 and Richard Al Sadi ‘12, joined the group for lunch. Loujine is in particular thankful for Lady Liz Smith and Sir Alfred Chavez who will be hosting her during her stay. Richard will be staying with Mr. J Scott Scherer, whom he is very grateful for.

The EOHSJ - Western Lieutenancy last summer welcomed student Amal Al-Bandak ’11, who did her internship at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, with help from Lady Kathryn S. Colachis, LGCHS. During the same period, student Nadine Abu Jildeh completed an internship with the Mansour Company, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hazoun while Saleh Handal ’11 served with GTO Packing – Soledad and was hosted by Mr. Jose Lopez. Mike Abu Mohr ’11 had the chance to serve in M.J. Hall and Company, Inc – Stockton, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Karen Hall.

One Bethlehem University student who didn’t travel abroad but completed a 4 year Bachelors degree in Mathematics at Bethlehem University, Hana Moura, received some financial support from the Western Lieutenancy and was keen on meeting with the visitors to thank them for their generosity. Ms. Moura presented Msgr. Dillabough with a gift and expressed many thanks for the support of his order.

Several other students who received financial support from the Western Lieutenancy came to greet the group, in order to show appreciation for the assistance that made their educational dreams a reality. Br. Peter Bray added his voice in thanking the group as a whole for their visit to campus and of their desire to be part of the mission of Bethlehem University.

Thanks to these Student Ambassadors:

  • Lujine Khoury
  • Richard Al-Sadi
  • Amal Al-Bandak
  • Tina Hani


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