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27 June, 2011

Bethlehem University Participates In a voluntary day At Sama Park - Nablus

Sama ParkMai Jaber - Assistant to Dean of Students

On June 22, hundreds of students from Bethlehem University, Al-Najah University, Al-Quds University and Al-Quds Open University participated in a day of voluntary work in a Sama Park - Nablus. This activity constituted just one of a series of planned volunteer activities in Palestine – as agreed upon by deans of student affairs of Palestinian universities in the West Bank.

This activity was the first of its kind, as it was a collective university activity. There are further plans for such activities, intended to target Palestinian communities, with particular focus on the environment, in aSama Parkddition to the care of children, the elderly and the disabled. Participants cleaned up the park by removing dead shrubbery, weeds, and dead branches and debris, with the help of the Nablus Municipality. Mr. Raed Yaeesh -Municipality of Nablus, welcomed the participants and spoke about the importance of the volunteerism especially amongst the youth of all Palestinian universities. He stressed  their vital role in serving the community and achieving a clean and green Palestine.

At the end of the activity, an evaluatory meeting was held by the coordinators of voluntary work in the participating universities and students on campus at Najah University.


  • May Jaber - Bethlehem University
  • Nasser Abu Bakr - Al Quds Open University
  • Sameh Erekat – Al - Quds University - Abu Dis
  • Mohammed Jitan – who fielded inquiries, organized volunteers, contacted authorities and institutions in order to pursue development of a national plan which includes a wide variety of community members to participate in social activities and voluntary.


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