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8 July, 2011

The Bethlehem Association Visits Bethlehem University

AssociationBethlehem, Palestine - Bethlehem University was honored to host on Thursday, June 30th, the Bethlehem Association. Members of this association have been very generous to the university and continue to help young men and women of this area to complete their studies by providing scholarships and financial assistance.

Greeting the group members were Mr. Philip Daoud - Alumni and Communications Manager, Mr. Demitri Awwad - Guest Relations Officer and Ms. Shahinda Nassar - Development Officer. The group arrived with Mr. Hanna Mousallam of the Bethlehem University Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism.

AssociationThe group members, mainly from the Southern part of California, were excited at meeting relatives on campus, many employees of the university. At the Cultural Heritage Center (Turathuna), the group listened as Ms. Mary Morcos, curator of the Center, talked about Bethlehem history and showed the group antiques and artifacts. She also shared a few stories about what Palestinians face in regards to the Occupation and the closures that they encounter daily.

At the end of the day it was very touching for those Palestinians to be connected with their roots and one could easily see from their questions, comments and feedback that they were very glad to have been at the university and in Bethlehem again.

To learn more about this association, click here.


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