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17 August, 2011

Bethlehem University Kicks off The 2011-2012 Academic Year

Kick-offFriday morning, the entire Bethlehem University staff and faculty assembled to greet one another, catch up on the latest university news, new policies, and to enjoy the fellowship, enjoyed on campus. Br. Robert Smith, Vice President for Academic Affairs, presided over the meeting, peppering University announcements with his characteristic good humor.

Br. Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor, also spoke of how touched he felt by the 2011 Commencement ceremonies and the pride he felt at seeing the latest class of graduates cross the stage into their futures. One of those graduates, Valedictorian Ms. Ahlam Ahmad Mashal ’11 (Biology), not only graduated at the top of her class but boasts the higheKick-offst cumulative GPA in the country for the class of 2011. So, as this years seniors work towards becoming the 36th graduating class, we welcome incoming freshmen, who will constitute the class of 2015 and wish them all success!

A huge thanks goes out to the Registrar's Office for their monumental efforts in securing the registration of the hundreds of new students. A big thanks is also due the Academic Office, Dean of Students Office, the Computer Center, Proctors, Faculty Advisors, Groundskeepers and Maintenance. Thanks also to the other UniversitKick-offy departments for their efforts, without which the University could not keep going. Thanks to Br. Robert and Br. Peter for their excellent and heartening presentations. Also a great thanks to Br. Niel, who works so hard to keep the University community up to date on the progress of the new Education Building.

Also, on Wednesday and Thursday, August 17th and 18th, the University held an orientation for all new students. The gymnasium was packed to the rafters, as the student body of Bethlehem University continues to increase.

Here's a summary of the latest news presented to the University Community:

Kick-offNew employees and those returning from sabbatical/study:

  • Dr. Norma Hazboun
  • Prof. Kannan


  • Vera Baboun
  • Maha Fatho

In January, Mr. Rami Sabella and Mohammad Abu Ayyash will travel to Italy to spend the next three years earning their Ph.D's! Mabrouk!

Kick-offWe welcome Mr. Martin Smith, of Australia, who will be spearheading the Spanish Project and theRemedial English Project

We also welcome Dr. Elizabeth Beck, of Atlanta Georgia, who will be spending the next few months in Bethlehem University as a Fulbright Scholar, specializing in Social Science.

Congratulations to Dr. Irene Hazou for her promotion to Associate
Professor and to Mr. Imad Al-Skakiyya
for his promotion to Lecturer.

Kick-offAlso, congratulations to Samia Srour, Faculty of Education secretary, for winning the Employee of the Year award!

Congratulations to Ms. Miriam Awwad, the new Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences. We also wish former Dean, Ms. Amal Fakhouri, the very best and thank her for her dedication to the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences. Thank you Ms. Amal Fakhouri and Welcome Ms. Miriam Awwad to her new position!


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