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27 September, 2011

Bethlehem University Holds International Symposium on Civic Learning and Community Engagement

Civic learningOn September 15th, Bethlehem University staff and faculty gathered with local and international educators to hold a symposium entitled “Civic Learning and Community Engagement for Improving Teaching and Learning in Higher Education,” organized by Dr. Rabab Tamish, Director of the newly established Center for Excellence in Teaching Excellence at Bethlehem University, the symposium offered educators to share and compare diverse experiences with civic learning and community engagement, whether in Palestine, Germany or the U.S.A.

Civic learningVice President for Academic Affairs, Br. Robert Smith, presided the event, noting that the symposium was remarkable not only for the enthusiastic purpose of jointly discovering better ways of teaching and learning but also because of the level of commitment involved by attendants. Br. Robert was joined by Vice Chancellor, Br. Peter Bray in welcoming guests and emphasizing his desire to see participants achieve their goals through innovative methods that “create an environment that allows people to reach their potential and build their societies.” Dr. Rabab lead the open discussion with the audience to discuss the possibility of developing a model on civic engagement for Bethlehem University. To see the program schedule, please click here.


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