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28 September, 2011

Bethlehem University Grad’s Reflect Upon, Share Experiences in Entrepreneurship, Job Market

Job marketAs part of the Alumni Office activities and the Summer Entrepreneurship Program, which came about after the University was awarded a grant by the Youth International Foundation (IYF). Grad Joseph Hodali ’08, owner of his own enterprise Switch Interactive, majored in Computer and Information Systems at Bethlehem. Excited to come back to Bethlehem University, Hodali was able to share his insights into the job market, sharing them with current students, who are enthusiastic and eager to what happens beyond the textbook. He emphasized the importance of the spirit of entrepreneurship and how much students can benefit from taking initiatives in their careers.

Job marketThe talk was held as a part of a series of training sessions aimed at arming students with skills that are essential to a successful career. “Studies of theory aren’t enough to ensure students will reach their full potential. They have to understand how to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom; translating those theories into concrete business projects or social ventures which can benefit themselves and their societies,” says Alumni Relations Officer Ms. Haneen Musleh '07.

A separate talk was given by Mr. David Nour ’95, owner of Nour Print and Design, located in Beit Jala. Enthusiastically sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur, Nour showed  power point presentation which walked students through the history of his enterprise and the risks that he encountered along the way. Nour then took the students on a tour of his shop, explaining to them more about the business and the finer points of running a print and design shop.


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