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29 September, 2011

Knights of the Holy Sepulcher Jerusalem-the Netherlands Visit Bethlehem University

NetherlandsBr. Joe Loewenstein stands welcoming, with his warm smile, at the Chapel of the Divine Child as group members from the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher Jerusalem-the Netherlands gradually filled the waiting pews. The group seemed to be taken by the magnificent art work that surrounded the Chapel, the history shared with them by Br. Joe and the quiet, peaceful atmosphere that visitors and Bethlehem University community members say they find there.

As the group members took pictures and appreciated the art work, Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President of Bethlehem University waited to welcome the Netherlandsgroup members at the digital media center. Dr. Michael happily welcomed the group and shared with them the story of Bethlehem University, its mission, as well as the the history of Palestine, which affects both the University community and the Palestinians people.

Dr. Michael Sansur, Br. Neil Kieffe, Director of Instructional Technology, Ms. Sawsan Shomali, English faculty member and Mr. Demitri Awwad, Guest Relations Officer helped in welcoming the group, before heading to a noontime lunch at the Institute of Hotel Management. Fr. Robert Kurvers – a very dear friend of the University and a solid supporter – Netherlandsexpressed his delight at being back on campus for another visit. Many of those in the group, who were first time visitors of the University, seemed to develop an relate to the mission of bringing hope to young Palestinian men and women. You could see and hear this support, expressed over lunch. A lot of support and encouragement was given from this group, who wish to be part of the journey of the students, staff and faculty of the University, who are all partnered up together to produce tomorrows leaders, today.


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