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30 September, 2011

Knights of the Holy Sepulcher-Australia pay a visit to Bethlehem University

AustraliaEven though Australia lies thousands of miles away from Palestine, the interest of its people in the Palestinian cause gives one a feeling that they live right next, especially when the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher-Australia pay a visit to Bethlehem University, as they did on September 30th, 2011.

Leading the group was the Honorable Lieutenant Robert E. Peters, who along with his group, were greeted by Br. Cyril Litecky-Assistant to Vice Chancellor who toured them around the university, chatting with several students on the way to the music room in the Social and Cultural building. Br. Cyril expressed his gratitude for the support, both spiritual and financial, of this group and for their dedication to coming to the University.

AustraliaDuring lunch, Br. Cyril, Mr. Demitri Awwad-Guest Relations Officer and Dr. Haifa Konkar-Chairperson of the Department of Mathematics, joined the group. The meal was a delight, with students from Hotel Management and Head Chef, Mr. Peter Hermantas, doing their best to ensure that it was a indeed a pleasant meal.

Towards the end of the visit, Lt. Robert Peters at the end presented Br. Cyril and the University a commemorative golden plate from Australia as well as a well appreciated contribution to the university. Bethlehem University thanks the Knights for taking time to visit Bethlehem University and being a part of its mission to create a better future in the Holy Land.


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