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1 October, 2011

Bethlehem Native, International Bank CEO Gives Bethlehem University Faculty of BUsiness Administration Stamp of Approval

Bank CEOPublished in This Week In Palestine-October 2011. For original article, click here.

Left: Ms. Maaneh Dabdoub, Ibrahim Dabdoub's mother

Celebrating Roots

“The first great role model in my life was my mother, who was a firm influence in the family and who instilled in me the discipline of a strong work ethic and helped shape the fundamental beliefs by which I live,” says Mr. Ibrahim Dabdoub, CEO of the National Bank of Kuwait, the Best Emerging Market Bank in the Middle East in 2010.

Mr. Dabdoub enjoys an extraordinarily successful global career in the international banking world. Well known for leading one of the Middle East’s most successful banking groups, he has been honoured for his responsible leadership of the G30 member banking group and has taken part in initiatives with such influential leaders as US secretaries of state, executives in the banking world, and transformation leader Steve Jobs, chairman and former CEO of Apple. “I am a great admirer of Lee Kuan Yew, founding father and prime minister of Singapore, who, just in the space of his lifetime, rose to the challenge of transforming the small nation and city-state into a major economic player in Asia.”

Bank CEOIn his homeland of Palestine and his hometown of Bethlehem, Mr. Dabdoub has recognised the unique quality of Bethlehem University and its Faculty of Business Administration, which is being named the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration in honour of the late son of Mr. and Mrs. Ibrahim Dabdoub. “Our beloved son passed away unexpectedly last year, and it is fitting that an enduring memorial to him should be established in the place of his heritage,” says Mr. Dabdoub.
Dabdoub with late son, Shucri.

Dabdoub has great faith in Palestine:

“I have a great desire to see the young generation of Arabs have the opportunity to benefit from a first class business education at such a prestigious institution as Bethlehem University.”

Recipient of many accolades, Dabdoub serves as an executive committee member of the Arab Business Council and is a board member of the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University, the International Institute of Finance, and the Arab Thought Forum. He also serves on the board of trustees of the American University of Beirut and the Kuwait Maastricht Business School.

“Mr. Dabdoub’s generous support is an affirmation of the professionalism, accomplishments, and future plans of Bethlehem University,” reports Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University.

“We are grateful for Mr. Dabdoub’s generosity and the additional support from the Arab world that will enable our plans of growth and development to be realised,” says Dr. Fadi Kattan, Dean of the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration.

Born in Bethlehem, Dabdoub studied at the Frères College in Bethlehem before heading to Turkey to study at the Middle East Technical University. After successful completion of undergraduate studies, he set off to Stanford University for graduate studies. Dabdoub has chosen to invest in education in Palestine, as a personal and professional commitment. “Although I have spent the greater part of my life overseas, mainly in Kuwait, my roots and formative years are deeply rooted in Palestine. This is the place of my birth, my ancestors, and early education. It is my home.”


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