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3 October, 2011

Archbishop Patrick Kelly, Archbishop William Kenney and Diocese of Birmingham Visit Bethlehem University

BirminghamAs always, it was a great pleasure to welcome the Honorable Archbishop Patrick Kelly, who visited Bethlehem University, along with a small delegation on Monday October 3rd, 2011 as part of a group from the Archdiocese of Birmingham. A very energized and exciting group it was and an honor for the University to be able to interact with the members of this delegation. The Archbishop last visited on January 18th, 2011.

A lso visiting was Bishop William Kenney, certainly no stranger to Bethlehem University, having also visited in 2010 with the Holy Land Bishops Coordination. Kenney is a firm believer of equality for all, and a helping hand to those who most need it.  

BirminghamMost recently, Archbishop William Kenney was in the U.K. for a conference on the Holy Land Christians, also attended by Bethlehem University staff and faculty members, Br. Jack Curran,Vice President of Development, Ms. Raphaela Mourra, English faculty member and students Lubna Alzaroo ‘12 and Jacoub Sleibi ‘10 .

A surprise guest to members of the group was Jacob, who was ecstatic at being there to greet them, as he had met some of the members in Britain during his travels there, and was happy to share with the entire group his experiences in the U.K. A Birminghamfinal stop to the Chapel of the Divine Child was a wonderful time for the group members where Br. Joe Loewenstein spoke of its rich history, of the stories behind the art work and of its significant importance to the history of the De LaSalle Brothers.


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