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12 October, 2011

Bethlehem University Celebrates 36th Commencement Ceremonies

In an effort to recognize and encourage youth of Arab descent to excel in science and technology, Mr. Issam and Mrs. Jihan Andoni, both are Bethlehem University graduates, established an annual competition and award, to be given to a young Arab demonstrating excellence and promise in science and technology. They have found plenty of promise at Bethlehem University.

In the Arab world, technology, namely social media technology, has shown its effectiveness in empowering a country’s people in their pursuit of freedom and change. Innovation in technology is one of the primary components of success and advancement, in any field.

While not always limited to Palestinians, this year's competition rules limited to participation to individuals of Arab-descent located in historic Palestine, in an effort to encourage the innovation and entrepreneurship so badly needed in Palestine.
(from left to right) Nafee Jaraiseh '11, Hussam Hilal '11, Br. Henry Chaya, and Mr. Nader Abu Saad

Work on the competition began a year ago, when the Andoni’s visited the Department of the Computer Information systems at Bethlehem University. He had the chance to meet with Dr. Muna Matar, Chairperson of the department, and discuss the ways of cooperation with the department, in order to meet the needs of students. Matar urged her students to participate in the competition and to share their innovative ideas with others.

A Maryland resident, Andoni has also hired a Bethlehem University graduate Husam Hilal ‘11 who works full time for the Andoni’s at Zeva Incorporated, where Andoni also acts as President for the Microsoft Certified Gold Partner company. He also hired graduate Ehab Jamal Isaac ’09, who works for Zeva while pursuing his Master’s in Maryland. Yet another graduate, Nafee Jaraiseh ’11, is working for Zeva but based in Palestine. The Alumni Relations Office and CAIS department thank the Andoni’s for their support and encouragement and wish them, and our graduates, the best of luck.

Andoni      Andoni
(from left to right) Nafee Jaraiseh '11,                Mr. and Mrs. Andoni presenting an award to a past winner.
Hussam Hilal '11, Br. Henry Chaya, and
Mr. Nader Abu Saad             


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