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1 November, 2011

Bethlehem University Faculty Present Research, Think towards the Future

Think futureOn Monday, October 17th, Bethlehem University held its first Scientific Research Day. Bethlehem University faculty presented samples of the various research projects which they have conducted, giving 12 full presentations and 8 short presentations. Research projects covered topics such as molecular biology, nanotechnology, arts, social science studies, health sciences and education. Pains were taken to evaluate the conference and its ability to meet the needs of the research community, resulting in extensive feedback. Some comments were

“Very surprised with the quality of the researches in the university, and I think this is a good day that introduced many researches and researchers at BU,” and “[This was] not only for presenting researches but also giving tips for doing research.”

Think futureThe level of participation and follow up responses reflected the scientific community's benefit from and interest in the conference and further plans.

Bethlehem University faculty and researchers are making very important contributions to their fields, such as Dr. Moin Kan’an and Dr. Hashem Shahin, recently recognized for their contributions to the field of human genetics. They are now using ‘exome sequencing’ to study the genetic causes of genetic disorders in the Palestinian population including hearing loss, breast cancer, congenital heart diseases and schizophrenia. It is now much easier to pinpoint which genetic mutations cause these diseases.  

Think futureSome researchers focused on issues that have global implications, such as plant biotechnology, bacterial antibiotic resistance and well as the use of certain biomarkers as indicators for cardiovascular diseases, while other projects focused on phenomena that occur specifically in the Palestinian context. A unique and central aspect of research in the Palestinian context, also presented on Monday, discussed how the current political and economic situation affects the socio-cultural and demographic concerns facing Palestinian youth. Recommendations for instilling leadership skills in the youth, vital to future Palestinian research, were highlighted. Another research, presented  by Mrs. Hanan Hazboun, focused on the quality of life of Palestinian women suffering from  breast cancer, a disease that is increasingly becoming less fatal, due to research being done all over the globe.

Keynote guest speaker, Dr. Hikmat Helal, of An-Najah University in Nablus, Palestine stressed his conviction that Palestinians have a unique opportunity to continue to educate themselves and pursue the essential research which will enable them to create a more sustainable environment and economy. Such development is expected to be powered by the research and development of high tech, high value products.

Think futureDr. Adnan Shqueir, Dean of Research at Bethlehem University and founder of the Naseem Shqueir Endowed Scholarship, is wholeheartedly committed to promoting and sustaining research and giving all available support to those who strive to make great research happen. Quoting the deceased former President and Vice Chancellor, Br. Vincent Malham, Dr. Shqueir stated that “We have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, since the only thing you cannot recycle is wasted time.”

For the conference program, click here. For more information on the exciting research projects taking place at Bethlehem University, please contact Dr. Adnan Shqueir at Individual faculty contact information can be found in the staff and faculty index, here.


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