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1 November, 2011

U.S. Consulate Visits Bethlehem University

US consulateOn Thursday, 17th of November, Bethlehem University welcomed East Jerusalem based U.S. Consulate officials, along with representatives from AMIDEAST, who came to give students a great presentation to educate them on the U.S. higher education system, ways students can improve their chances of gaining entry to U.S. universities and how to best make use of opportunities available there. Bethlehem University was targeted as the representatives focused their efforts on reaching out to potential scholarship recipients during the State Department's celebration of International Education Week (November 14th-18th).

Speakers offered valuable information and were encouraging in their efforts to get students to apply for scholarships to study in the United States. Representative Ms. Cynthia Harvey, Cultural Affairs Officer visits Bethlehem University often, for example accompanying the famous Arab American comedians, Ahmad Ahmad and Amer Zaher to the campus for a 2011 comedy show. Bethlehem University representatives shared with her that big things are taking place on campus – for example the Middle East and Africa winners of the Google Online Marketing Competition – which are from Bethlehem University. Harvey congratulated the winners, saying, “I love to hear these stories coming from Bethlehem University.”

Welcoming the delegation were Dr. Irene Hazou – Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Demitri Awwad – Guest Relations Officer and Ms. Angela Abu – Aita Communications Officer. At Furno Hall in the Millennium building students were greeted by Ms. Harvey, Cultural Affairs Officer; Ms. Erin Mai, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer and Ms. Maureen V.  Marroum Bajali, Cultural Affairs Specialist for Exchanges. Also joining from the U.S. Consulates office was Vice Counsel Mr. Jeremy Berndt and Mr. Benny Hanessia, as well as AMIDEAST representative, Ms. Fida Mousa, Scholarship Program Officer. Once the presentation was complete, students were able to collect informational papers and ask questions, before the representatives retired to the Hotel Management for a luncheon.

Bethlehem University thanks all those who participated in this event and for taking the time to assist the students of Bethlehem University on such an important topic. Students who wish to gather more information, especially on student visa's are advised by Mr. Hassenian to visit the U.S. Department site for visa services.


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