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24 November, 2011

Vice PResident for Academic Affairs Speaks At Wayne State University

Wayne StateOn Thursday, November 10th Brother Robert Smith, FSC, PhD, Vice President of Academic Affairs, travelled to Wayne State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) in Detroit, Michigan to deliver two talks that focused on Bethlehem University and its role in the Holy Land.  See announcement here. He presented the history of the De La Salle Brothers’ work in Bethlehem, namely their work in higher education in Palestine – and how they offer a wholesome education for all Palestinians – Christian and Muslim alike. This is in line with the Lasallian principles of offering education to any student, strongly adhered to by the Brothers. Br. Robert also presented in-depth information about student exchanges, visiting students and faculty programs.

Wayne StateArranged by Associate Dean of CLAS, Dr. Miriam Greenberg, who is also responsible for the Wayne State study abroad course entitled “Israel and the West Bank: Journey To Understand the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict,” the program brings Muslim, Jewish and Christian students to Bethlehem University to explore the area and understand more about the reality on the ground. Each summer, between 10-15 students and 2-3 faculty visit the campus and surrounding areas to meet their peers and discuss issues of interest. “I thank Dr. Robert Thomas, Dean of CLAS and Dr. Greenburg for their attention to increasing awareness of the issues in the Holy Land. Also, by sharing their experience, time and resources they help Bethlehem University in its mission to educate the youth of Palestine. I am also grateful to my students at home, who each summer offer Wayne State students such an amazing window into what Palestine really is.”

Recent Bethlehem University Biology graduate, Michael Salsaa ’11, won a Wayne State University scholarship and is currently completing his M.Sc. in Biotechnology. Br. Robert was glad to be able to check on Salsaa’s progress and to strengthen the relationship between the two Universities. “Wayne State is a proud supporter of Arab-American students and we are excited that Wayne State also supports students – like ours - who live in the Arab world. Biotechnology is up and coming at Bethlehem University and we hope that more and more students, like Michael, will be able to bring back home more experience and help to build up our program here.”


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