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5 December, 2011

Oldenburg-Germany Student Exchange with Religious Studies Department at Bethlehem University

OldenburgBethlehem University students, with Dar Al-Kalima College students, have participated in a student exchange program with the Institute of Evangelical Theology and Religious Education at the Carl von Ossietzky University – Oldenburg, Germany, from 28th of Oct. to 6th of Nov. 2011. The exchange program began two years ago. The visit to Germany was a religious focus activity, through which the students participated in ten days of visiting sights and seminars in Berlin, Wittenberg and Oldenburg. The students from Bethlehem University were: Anton Sabat,  Areej Massoud, Bayan Barham, George Bassous, Mariana Qanzoua, Marena Nasser, Rose-Anne Petro and Mr. Michel Rock.

The first three days were dedicated to visit some important historical places in Berlin and Wittenberg. The students visited Berliner Dom, Museums, Bendlerblock, and Wall Museum: Check point Charlie and Berlin wall. At Wittenberg, the city of Martin Luther, Bethlehem University students visited the University of Wittenberg where Luther had taught, the house where he lived and the castle church, upon whose door he nailed the "Ninety-Five Theses" in 1495.   

The following seven days were study days, where the students attended five seminars on different theological topics, such as: the Old Testament and the New Testament, and martyrdom. The students participated in the debate after each lecture. Our teacher Mr. Michel Rock, who accompanied BU students, gave an input about martyrdom in Christianity. The students visited the north of Germany in order to be introduced to the different reformed churches around the city of Emden, such as the Calvinist, Reformed, Lutheran and the Mennonite churches. The students visited some schools in Oldenburg attending some classes of religious education and meeting catechists to learn from the German experience in teaching religion at high schools.

The exchange was a good opportunity for our students to meet with the German students and to exchange ideas. This visit served the mission of the Religious Department in broadening the experiences of our students and to create a team spirit among the students and faculty at the Department. The students prepared well for the exchange, participated in the activities, learned about the German religious context and represented well BU in reflecting the values and the spirit of Bethlehem University. After the evaluation of the exchange, we can say that the visit was a successful activity. The next step will be planning for a five years activities plan with Oldenburg University and Dar Al-Kalima College.  

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