Bachelor of Science Major in Nursing

Program Description The primary purpose of the baccalaureate nursing program of Bethlehem University is to educate professional nurses to meet the health and nursing needs of the Palestinian Society. The baccalaureate nursing program is designed to prepare nurses to professionally contribute to the well-being and offer significant health services to people. The Faculty of Nursing participates […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a science-based health care profession which emphasizes the use of physical approaches in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of an individual’s physical, psychological and social well-being and takes into account an individual’s variations in health status. A distinctive feature of physiotherapy practice is the ability of individual practitioners to use manual therapy, therapeutic […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Occupational Therapy

The program provides an opportunity for students to gain a B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy that will meet the demands of related national and international employment fields. The BSc Occupational Therapy program is a nationally recognized award, approved by the Ministry of Health and internationally by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists [W.F.O.T]. This is essential […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Midwifery

Midwifery is the art and science which provides holistic care to child bearing women, babies and their families from preconception until the end of child bearing period and even throughout the life stage of women’s life”, (Palestinian Council of Health, 1998).This program is designed to meet the need of the Palestinian community through preparing independent […]

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