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November 9, 2010

Nursing Students Receive Farida Al-Budeiri Award

Farida Al-Budeiri Award“She was a strong woman who fought a lot in her life. She fought to be with the man she loved and for her passion of being the first Nurse in Palestine ”, Adel Al-Budeiri said about his grandmother Farida Abu Dayyeh/Al-Budeiri

“To be a good nurse, you need to have the skill, the knowledge and most importantly the compassion for others. It is not a job, it is a profession, a vocation; it is a call from God,” said Brother Robert Smith, Academic Vice President to the Nursing students in the Farida Al-Budeiri Award Ceremony.

Nathalie Hirmas (BU'10), Robyn Matar (BU'09), and Aziz Atawneh (BU'08) were awarded the Farida Al-Budeiri Nursing Award on Thursday, 04 November for their outstanding achievement in their studies in the Nursing Faculty. The award is given to the graduate nursing students who excel in their studies. Nathalie Hirmas (BU'10) graduated with 3.76 as her accumulative GPA, Robyn Matar (BU'09) graduated with 3.59, and Aziz Atawneh (BU'08) graduated with 3.24.

Farida Al-Budeiri AwardNathalie spoke about her experience as a Nursing student at Bethlehem University , she said, “Now looking back at those days, I realize how lucky I was to have such great teachers who treated us like their children and taught us what it means to be a nurse in the Palestinian community”. Nathalie added, “This is a great honor for me to be awarded this prize named after a woman who fought to enhance the importance of the nursing profession in Palestine and to open the chances for us nurses to play a role in the Palestinian society”.

Nathalie and Aziz are now working as Staff Nurses in Al-Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem while Robyn is now working as a Staff Nurse in the United States in Massachusetts . “Robyn did not need to do any extra courses when she went to the states, she only sat for the license exam and she got the highest grade and now she is working in one of the hospitals there”, said Robyn's mother, Aimy, who came to receive the award on behalf of her daughter.

Mr. Adel Al-Budeiri attended the ceremony as the family representative. In his speech, he said, “My uncle Jamil, may his soul rest in peace, started this award in 1995 to keep the memory of my grandmother alive. It was also as a way to show appreciation to Bethlehem University for the great work it does here in Palestine especially the Nursing Faculty.”

On behalf of the Faculty and the students, Ms. Amal Abu Nijmeh / Fakhouri, Dean of Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, thanked Al Budeiri Family and Mr. Adel Al-Budeiri for annually honoring the top Nursing student. In addition she thanked the Nursing faculty members for their work and the support they provide to their students. She also encouraged the new students to excel in their studies but also at the same time to be involved in the university's activities.

Farida Al-Budeiri Nursing Award started in the year 1995 by Mr. Jamil Al-Budeiri, son of Farida Abu Dayyeh/Al-Budeiri. Farida Abu Dayyeh/Al-Budeiri was the first nurse in Palestine . She finished her degree in Nursing from the American University of Beirut , Lebanon . She worked as a nurse in Beit Jala and Jerusalem . At that time, the nursing profession was not very highly respected; people thought that when someone fails in his/her life or studies; he or she would go to Nursing. Farida fought for the importance of this profession opening the door for the future of nurses in Palestine . She also fought for her love for her husband. At that time, marrying someone from a different religion was highly unacceptable. Yet, Farida and her husband fought for their love and at the end they succeeded. Jamil, her son, died in the year 2008 and his children wanted to continue his wish of keeping this award to keep the memory of their father and grandmother alive. To them we are most grateful.


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