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Department of Religious Studies

Third International Religious Conference 2 - 4 October 2013,

On Bethlehem University Campus

The Department of Religious Studies wishes to thank all the presenters, respondents, moderators and all who worked hard for the success of our the Third International Conference on Christian Muslim Relations, entitled: 

"Violence, Non- Violence and Religion"  

The success of the conference is the result of collaboration of many people from Bethlehem University community and other. Thank you all.

Fr. Jamal Khader
Chairperson, of the Department of Religious Studies  

This conference is amde possible through the genersity of the following sponsors:

  • The Pontifical Mission For Palestine
  • International Federation of Catholic University (IFCU)
  • Friends of Bethlehem University in England and Wales (FoBU)
  • The Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust

If you would like to view some of the conference presentations, click on the titles that follow:

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