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Department of Religious Studies

Fr. Peter Du Brul, S.J

Father Peter Du Brul, SJ, was the first chairperson of the Religious Studies and is the former chair of the Humanities Department. He oversaw the merging of the Saint Cyril diploma program, which began in 1992 under the Faculty of Education, into a full-fledged bachelor's degree offered by the Religious Studies Department in 1998. "I offered to kick-start the program and after talking to the Jesuit Provincial from Rome, not even thinking about the funding aspect of the program, he told me they had just the right amount. I mean it literally fell from the sky," Fr. Peter exclaimed, "and with that we started the full-time program at Bethlehem University."

A dedicated and well-known professor, Fr. Peter has taught at Bethlehem University since 1975 and has been in and out of the Middle East since 1961. Although he agreed to chair the Department in the beginning, he insisted that a local Palestinian take his place as soon as possible, hence the appointment of Fr. Jamal Khader. "Fr. Jamal has a challenging job," Fr. Peter said. "He is the only full-time professor in the Department and is very committed to outreach and has made an enormous effort to initiate a diploma in Education, which is a post-bachelor program. The Ministry of Higher Education has made a diploma in Education a requirement in primary and secondary schools, but it has not put that requirement into effect.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Fr. Peter has a bachelor's from the University of Damascus, a master's from Boston College and a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Lyon. He also has a license in Theology from the Faculté Jésuite à Fourvière in Lyon France.

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