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Department of Religious Studies

Sally Kaissieh

Sally Kaissieh (BU '04) is a spirited young woman from Bethlehem. She graduated from Bethlehem University with honors in 2004 with a major in Religious Studies and a minor in Religious Education. She recently completed her MA in Theology at Saint Michael's College in Vermont, and has been teaching religion to students from 3rd to 12thgrade at the Latin Patriarchate School in Beit Jala since 2006. In 2007 she began teaching a Fall course on the Old Testament and Catechism at Bethlehem University, in addition to tutoring students in English and mathematics.

"I felt I had a calling to study in the Department of Religious Studies at Bethlehem University," Sally said. "When I was still in secondary school, I saw a notice about the different bachelors' programs offered at Bethlehem University. I read them all and when my eyes reached the Department of Religious Studies, I just knew that was it. I didn't know why, but I was convinced that I should be there," she added. Even though at first her friends and family discouraged her, mainly because they thought that only members of religious congregations majored in Religious Studies, "once they saw how determined I was and what a positive role the Department has played in my life they have been very supportive and proud of me," Sally said.

In September 2006, Sally traveled with five 8th grade students from the Latin Patriarchate schools in Palestine, to Charlotte, North Carolina as part of the 40 day Children's Peace Program, Ambassadors for Peace. The aim of the annual program is to build bridges of understanding between Christians in the West and Christians in the East. Each student is placed with an American host family from Saint Matthew's parish in Charlotte. "The program was very enlightening and challenging for me and the students," Sally said. "It was an incredible experience and prepared me for my career in teaching."


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