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Department of Religious Studies

Sr. Lucy Gee Geeh

Sr. Lucy Geegeeh ('98) is the Headmistress of the Rosary Sisters' (Primary) School in Beit Hanina, near Jerusalem. With an enrollment of some 1,600 students, Sister Lucy and her teachers serve Palestinians of all faith traditions, illustrating how far-reaching the work of the University's graduates is.  A majority of the students in Sister Lucy's school are Muslim, while half of the teachers are Christian.  Thus, Christian and Muslim youth exchange ideas, learning together in a respectful and safe environment, and grow in mutual understanding and respect.

Each year there are approximately 20 to 25 Sisters enrolled in a variety of majors at Bethlehem University. "I had a difficult time attending Bethlehem University," Sister Lucy confided, "I had to commute from Jerusalem twice a week, crossing Israeli military checkpoints that were intense, especially during the years of my studies." 

How is it that she continued to daily face these challenges? "My professors at the University were highly qualified, a good number of them were priests. Their expertise along with their pastoral concern really encouraged me to make the trip to Bethlehem, despite the difficulties encountered on the road."

Sr. Lucy is originally from Ajloun, in the north of Jordan.  In 1989, she moved to Jerusalem to begin her novitiate as a Rosary Sister.  After completing a bachelor's degree in Music, Sister Lucy enrolled in the Religious Studies' post-graduate diploma in Catechesis.  Sister Lucy is currently working on a master's degree in Democracy and Human Rights at Birzeit University in Ramallah.



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