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Department of Religious Studies

Sr. Ludvina Gee Geeh

Sr. Ludvina Gee Geeh ('00), is from Ajlon, Jordan, and is Sr. Lucy Gee Geeh's younger sister. The day she was interviewed for this profile, she had just returned from a recreational park called Suba Park near Abu Ghosh in Israel. As the Supervisor of the Kindergarten section at the Rosary Sisters' School in Beit Hanina, Sr. Ludvina is responsible for 300 children. Two hundred and ninety went to the park that day. They played video games, visited a small petting zoo, and played together. "We go on these trips three times a year and the children just love it," Sr. Ludvina said, "It improves their social skills and gives them a chance to have fun."

Sr. Ludvina entered the convent as a Rosary Sister in 1997. During her interview she spoke about her experience teaching Muslim children and how the parents respond to their teaching methods. "We teach the children, especially those in the kindergarten level, about God as God, not as a Muslim or a Christian God." The school serves 1,600 children, including just 20 boys (only in Kindergarten 1). It is comprised of 95 percent Muslim and 5 percent Christian students.

Sr. Ludvina went on to note the vital role Bethlehem University's graduates play in Christian schools. "Since I have worked at the Rosary Sisters' School here in Beit Hanina, I have tried to bring teachers from Bethlehem University, because it produces quality teachers," Sr. Ludvina said. There are three other Bethlehem University graduates teaching in her section and they have all worked at the School for long periods.

Sr. Ludvina earned a diploma in Catechesis from Bethlehem University and a bachelor's degree in Education from Al-Quds University.



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