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Department of Religious Studies

External Relationships

Trinity College, Dublin

In May 2005, the Department received a group of students in Theology from Trinity College, Dublin to discuss Theology in Situations of Crisis: North Ireland and the Holy Land. The Department hopes to continue this exchange.

University of Cologne, Germany

The Religious Studies Department initiated contacts with the Catholic Faculty of Applied Science in Cologne, Germany, in order to cooperate with their Faculty of the Theology in Paderborn, which serves six local dioceses. The Department still has joint projects with this university, some of which are collaboratively with the Department of Social Sciences.

In 2006, Bethlehem University participated in a joint conference entitled "Modernism and Post-Modernism" with Cologne University in Bethlehem, which was the beginning of their cooperation. Less then one year later, theologian Dr. Werner Wertgen from Paderborn spoke at the religious conference organized by the Department in September 2007. "The collaboration continues and we are hoping that more will come in the future," Fr. Jamal Khader, Chairperson of the Department of Religious Studies, said.

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