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Al Waha

Al WahaThe purpose of Al Waha is to give the students and the teachers the possibility to meet, to get to know each other, to speak about personal or general problems and questions in big or small groups. The center is situated in the Social Cultural Center, close to the cafeteria.

A large number of students is there daily to study, or to play games, to listen to music, or simply to be with friends. From time to time, students receive visitors from various corners of the globe or from the other Palestinian Universities. Quite often Al Waha is chosen for birthday celebrations or by a faculty or class to meet for one festive reason or another.

Al Waha wants to be a real "oasis" where every one finds rest and relief from the study tension and from external social, economical, and political pressure. It is a place where all, male and female students, freshmen and the others, Christians and Muslims, the youth from refugee camps, or from cities and villages, feel welcome and have the opportunity to get to know each other better, and to reflect, in a positive way, on the Palestinian society which is made up of all these different elements.

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