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المؤتمر الفلسطيني الدولي التاسع في الكيمياء

Conference Program

Day 1: Friday 1st November 2019




Furno Hall




Furno Hall

National Anthem


Furno Hall

Opening address:

Dr. Michel Hanania - Chair of the  conference


Furno Hall

Welcoming address:

Dr. Irene Hazou – Vice President of Academic Affairs


Furno Hall

Address of

H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Abu Muwais - Minister of Higher Education


Furno Hall

Address of 

The Palestinian Academy for Science and Technology (PALAST)


Furno Hall

Address of

Mr. Wael Qaddoumi

The Representatives of Chemical Industries in Palestine “Relation between Industry & Academic”


Furno Hall

Honouring Sponsors and Partners




14:45-15:00  Coffee Break


Hall Furno

Prof. Laszlo Poppe -  Budapest University of Technology & Economics

Adventures in the Field of Selective Biocatalysis


Hall Furno

Prof. Talal Shahwan -  Birzeit University

Application of Iron Nanomaterials in the Abatement of Aqueous Pollutants







Day 2: Saturday  2nd November 2019

Activity / M-103

Activity / Hall Furno



Prof. Issa Nahhal Al-Azhar University - Gaza

Mesoporous Materials: Synthesis, structure characterization and applications


Chair: Dr. Fouad Bannoura

Chair: Dr. Alfred Abed Rabbo


Dr. Rana Zahdeh - Palestine Polytechnic University

Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of N-acetylcysteine by pyridinium chlorochromate

Prof. Zaki Safi - Al-Azhar University / Gaza

DFT investigation on the intramolecular & intermolecular proton transfer processes in 2-aminobenzothiazole (ABT) in the gas phase & in different solvents


Prof. Motaz Qutob - Al-Quds University

The water quality of historical wells of Al Aqsa Mosque

Prof. Salman Saadeh - The Islamic University / Gaza

Enhanced Transport of Nandrolone Decanoate Drug by Human Serum Albumin in Presence of [BMIM]PF6 and [BMIM]BF4


Mr. Raed Shqier - An-Najah National University

Assessment of TiO2 as photo catalyst for complete mineralization of aqueous bacteria and their organic contents

Dr. Ahmad MKadmh - Al-Aqsa University / Gaza

Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Computational Study of New (E)-N'-(3,4-dimethoxybenzylidene)furan-2-carbohydrazide


10:30-10:45   Coffee Break


Dr. Mohamad Shtayyeh

Chair: Dr. Fouad Rimawi


Dr. Abeer Karmi - Jerusalem

Durable, stable and functional nanopores decorated by self-assembled dipeptides

Dr. Abdel Fattah Qaraman - Israa University / Gaza

The Activity of HYPR surfactant as Superplasticizer on fresh and hardened properties of concrete


Dr. Rasha Ghunaim - Palestine Polytechnic University

Development of Intermetallic filled CNTs sensors for hyperthermia applications

Mr. Iyad Al-Kashef - Al-Azhar University / Gaza

Extraordinary Enhancement of a 5-Fluorouracil Electrode by Praepagen HY Micellar Solutions



Ms. Aman Sayej - Birzeit University

Validation of Cleaning Procedures in the manufacture of different Tablets in Shared Facility (Diclofenac Potassium, Ibuprofen & Olanzapine)

Mr. Ahmad Tabaza - Arab German Pharmaceutical Co. / Gaza

Enhanced Colorimetric Method for Determination of Azithromycin in Tablet and Human Urine


Ms. Batool Noor - An-Najah National University

Solar Light in Degradation of Organic Contaminants Present in Secondary Treated Waters

Mr. Salah El Sadi - Al-Azhar University / Gaza

Preparation of Green Nano from metal wastes recycling




Ms. Heba Nassar - An-Najah National University

Water purification from nitrate ions by electrochemical reduction on modified nanocomposite electrode catalysts

Mr. Khattab Abu Al-Rob - Birzeit University

Zinc oxide micro-wires for optical and chemical sensing


12:00-13:20   Lunch Break  /  Arabesque Restaurant



Prof. Abdelkhaleq Chakir - Université de Reims

Atmospheric Chemistry of Volatile Organic Compounds and Air Pollution


Chair: Dr. Mahmoud Al-Khatib

Chair: Dr. Hatem Salim


Ms. Jumana Ishtawa - An-Najah National University

Water sterilization and the preference of using metal tank

Dr. Mohyeddin Assali - An-Najah National University

Combretastatin A4-Camptothecin micelles: synthesis, characterization,  anti-cancer activity and cellular uptake


Mr. Rami Salem - Al-Quds University

Development of Novel Platinum (IV) Derivatives for Tumor Selective Inhibition

Dr. Muneer Natsheh - Hebron University

Irreversible optical test strip for lithium, potassium, sodium and ammonium determination based on neutral ionophore


Mr. Maher Al-Jamal - Beit Jala Pharmaceutical Co.

Nano structured microemulsion and co-crystallization of Lactic acid and Salicylic acid as topical drug

Dr. Ghassan Albarghouti - Birzeit University

General method for the synthesis of substituted cyclopentenones via α-borylzirconacyclopentenes intermediates



14:45-15:00   Coffee Break


Biotech Company: Angham Darawish

Latest scientific achievements in the Analytical Instruments Field

15:00 -15:25

Chair: Dr. Walid Shomaly

Chair: Dr. Fahed Takrouri


Dr. Sameer Amereih - Palestine Technical University/Kadoorie

Synthesis and Characterization of Sulfonylhydrazide-Schiff Base (E)- N’-(2,5-dimethoxybenzalidene) naphthalene-2-sulfonohydrazide (SB), Its Biological Activities

Prof. Yousef Najajreh - Al-Quds University

Allosteric Modulation of Oncogenic Kinases: A Novel Approach to Overcome Emerging Cancer Resistance


Ms. Sireen Radwan - Bethlehem University

Extraction methods of Sweet and Bitter Lupine seeds

Dr. Mahmoud AlKhatib - Al-Quds University

Trace elements and isotope composition in marine sediment


Dr. Maather Sawalha - An-Najah National University

Assessment of iodine level in breast milk sample, and in urine of mother and infant: A pilot study in Palestine

Dr. Derar Al-Smadi - An-Najah National University

Chemical and Biochemical Approaches for the Synthesis of Substituted Dihydroxybutanones and Di- and Tri-Hydroxypentanones



Mr. Sohaib Abu Al-Rob - An-Najah National University

Recycling CdSe based thin-film solar cells



Closing remarks


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