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Eddy Sumar ’84 : A Believer Of The Power Of Dreams

Mr.Bassem Ballout BU'86 with Mr.Sumar BU'84 during his visit to BU in summer 2012People say that if you believe in dreams, they come true.  What would that mean to somebody who traveled thousands of miles from his birthplace to earn his degree at a university located in the town from which his family originally came, then traveled thousands of miles again to earn a higher degree, and then started his own business in yet another country?  Few are those who manage to realize their dreams.

Mr. Eddy Sumar, graduate of Bethlehem University class 1984, was born in Lima Peru.  He graduated from the Shuchri Ibrahim Dabdoub for Business Administration at Bethlehem University.  Then he earned his MBA from Leicester University in the UK.

Mr. Sumar is the founder and president of ERS Consulting Services in California. It was established on November 1, 2006, to provide a customized approach to solutions in credit, collection, customer service, cash flow, conflict resolution, and international commerce, including trade financing and credit insurance. He coaches and mentors worldwide companies and individuals in the field of consulting services to become the best they can be by reaching their cutting edge.

Among the top three positive memories that Mr. Sumar has about Bethlehem University are the caring and helpful faculty and staff, supportive students, and the good and helpful facilities in the University such as the library.

"BU gave me the needed knowledge and skills to succeed in the real world," he said.

Aside from his business that keeps him busy, Mr. Sumar dedicates time for writing.  So far, he has authored three books: A Treasure Hunt With Otis, From the Cutting Board to the Cutting Edge, and The Hidden Dreams. Mr. Sumar hopes that his books, especially The Hidden Dream, will help every person young and old to ignite the passion for his or her dream and to embark on a wonderful journey to live the dream and fulfill it.

He generously donated the three publications for the library when he visited the University in the summer of 2012. The Alumni Relations Office and the Library are grateful to Mr. Sumar for his donation and we hope he will continue working and inspiring others to reach for and fulfill their dreams.

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