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PSSF Board Visits Campus to Meet with Students

On Tuesday, 29 October 2019, a delegation from the Palestine Students Scholarship Fund (PSSF) visited Bethlehem University to meet with students who receive the PSSF scholarships. The delegation comprised of Malek Al-Massad, Ali Ata, Khalil Khalil, Khalil Ismail, Ziad Farhan, and Muhammad Al-Asfar. Vice President for Financial Affairs Youil Anastas, Students Finance Manager Sandy Bassous, […]

Two Groups of the EOHSJ Visit Bethlehem University

Bethlehem University hosted on Tuesday, 17 September 2019, the Knights and Ladies of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (EOHSJ)- USA Middle Atlantic Lieutenancy and EOHSJ- USA Eastern Lieutenancy. Her Excellency Valencia Yvonne Camp, DGCH, Lieutenant of EOHSJ- USA Middle Atlantic Lieutenancy led a group of 45 people including Michael J. Ruck, Sr, KSG, KGCHS and Lady […]

Palestine Students Scholarship Fund Representatives Meet Recipients

A delegation from the Palestine Students Scholarship Fund visited Bethlehem University Campus to meet with students who receive scholarships on Thursday, 18 October 2018. The delegation comprised of Vice President Amir Darwish, Malek Al-Massad, Ali Ata, Khalil Khalil, Mohammed Abdullah, and Ziad Farhan.  Vice President for Advancement Brother Denis Loft and Development Officer Shahinda Nassar welcomed the […]

UPA Delegation Visits Bethlehem University

Hanna Rabah, Director of  Programs at the United Palestinian Appeal (UPA), and Dalia Abu Fannouneh, Programs Coordinator, visited Bethlehem University on Tuesday, 30 January 2018. Isaac Sahhar, Assistant Vice President for Advancement, and Shahinda Nassar, Development Officer welcomed them and briefed them on the progress of UPA scholarship students. Shahinda acknowledged the important work of […]