Tag: WB-14-March-2022

Rapprochement Centre Training Programs

In cooperation with the Dean of Students Office, the Rapprochement Centre continues to offer different training programs for university students in the Bethlehem area sponsored by the Oxfam organization. On Sunday, 2 February 2022, Bethlehem University students received the last session of the training programs in administration skills and decision-making. New training programs on photography […]

Drama Workshops Held on Campus

The Dean of Students Office, in cooperation with Alqasaba Theatre, organizes a three months workshop for 20 Bethlehem University students. The students participated in the first two sessions which were about introducing drama and some ice-breaking activities to know each other and be prepared to work together.

From One Generation to Another

The meetings of the Holy Land Trust’s program Generation to Generation resumed by the beginning of the new semester. The students discussed their achievements in the previous year and talked about their resolutions for the coming year. They also discussed the role of women in their families in comparison to the role of men.

OT Students Meet International Students Online

The senior students of the Occupational Therapy program continue to participate in the University of Southern California’s pen pal scheme. This project brings together different occupational therapy students from universities from around the world.  The latest online zoom meeting saw students in breakout rooms having in-depth discussions and sharing experiences about occupational therapy in their different countries.