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Communications Office

25 March 2019

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Dean of Research Office


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Athletics Department


Bethlehem University hosted the Palestinian Universities Tennis Championship which took place at the Tennis court on Monday, 11 March 2019. Five Palestinian Universities participated. Al-Najah National University student Rand Akhras won the tournament while our student Hanna Musleh came in 2nd place. Abu Dis University student, Mohammad Ayyad, and Bethlehem University student Charlie Atrash came in third place.


Bethlehem University hosted the Palestinian Universities Volleyball Championship which took place at the Auditorium and outdoor court on Monday, 11 March 2019. Seven Palestinian Universities participated. Bethlehem University female volleyball team won 1st place. Al-Najah National University came in 2nd, while Birzeit University came in 3rd.


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Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics held a workshop for students majoring in Mathematics on 4 March 2019. The workshop was organized with Al-Nayzak Foundation represented by Mr. Moath Moreb. Students were briefed about the Foundation and were engaged in activities that promote thinking outside the box. This is one of a series of workshops that the department will hold this semester as an extra curriculum activities that aim to enhance teamwork and critical thinking.


The Department of Mathematics faculty members attended a symposium on Simulation Based Science and Engineering in Ramallah, which was held during the period 7-10 March 2019. The Symposium was organized by the Palestinian Academy for Science and Technology. Simulation is considered at the cross roads of mathematical modelling, science, engineering, and computer science. The aim of the symposium was to engage researchers and universities in this vital area of research to facilitate international collaboration.


The Dean of the Students Office, the Department of Mathematics, and the Instructional Technology Unit celebrated "Pi Day" on 14 March 2019. The aim was to raise awareness of the importance of Mathematics in life. The Mathematical constant Pi is considered one of the important and amazing numbers that is found in everything related to circles. By definition, it is the ratio between the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The value of Pi approximated to two decimals is 3.14. During this activity the students watched a short video about Pi followed by question and answer competition between Senior, Junior, and Freshmen Math major teams. The event concluded by eating Pi cupcake.


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Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy


On Friday, 22 March 2019, the senior Occupational Therapy students joined the students with special needs for the 5km family marathon. A party atmosphere made all who participated enjoy the day. The seniors decided to make this an annual event after they graduate.


Reaching out Community - Wheelchair Adaptation Activity

On Saturday, 23 March 2019, five physiotherapy students held a wheelchair adaptation activity for children with disabilities at Al-Karameh Centre in Jalazone Camp. Supervised by Ms. Manar Jaber and Mr. Richard Stepan from Lifegate, this activity aimed to check on the wheelchairs that were provided last semester within the “Adaptive Equipment Work Course.” The wheelchairs needed more adaptation to correspond with the children’s growth and development.

In addition, the physiotherapy students, Rana and Diana, met with some families and did an activity to raise awareness about 24-hour postural management concept for their children with disability.


Clinical Placement News - Physiotherapy Program

Last week, the physiotherapy students finished their clinical placements - first rotation. They implemented a project in every clinical setting which aimed to highlight important concepts in the patient care. These projects were appreciated by everyone in the clinical placements; therapists, clients, and families. Read more


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Dean of Students Office


7th Annual Palestine Marathon

In cooperation with the Dean of Students Office, many Bethlehem University students volunteered to work in the seventh Palestine Marathon which was organized by the Higher Council of Youth and Sports on Friday, 22 March 2019. The marathon organizers applauded the University students for their outstanding commitment and active participation. The organizers provided participation cards for a range of staff, students and their families. We thank the student volunteers for their performance, their commitment to work, and their representation of the University in the best possible way.


MUN Program

In cooperation with the Dean of Students Office, Ms. Nadera Sansur gave the second training session for participating students of the MUN program which was held on Sunday, 24 March 2019. The training is implemented by the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy at the Action Aid- Palestine Global Platform. 30 training hours will be held in order to prepare students to participate in this program at the local and international levels. The participants praised the training which they said is very useful, enjoyable, and develops needed skills.


Second Book Exhibition “The Sun's Promise”

Under the supervision of the Dean of Students Office, the Progressive Student Action Front organized a book exhibition under the title “the Sun’s Promise” on Tuesday and Wednesday, 19 and 20 March 2019. The exhibition consisted of several corners that reflected the national cultural vision to strengthen the students' sense of belonging. The corners included books, Palestinian heritage, Palestinian prisoners’ massages, and more.


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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


CETL announces its 3rd Peer Initiative session on Creative Teaching Pedagogies on 28 March at 11:30 a.m. in B-107 / CETL. Faculty of Education Lecturer Dr. Fadel Alsawayfa will give a lecture titled “Found Poetry as a Creative Teaching Method.”


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External Academic Relations Office


We would like to draw your attention to the "latest announcements" listed for this week. They can be found under the External Academic Relations Office heading at the following link: here for more information 


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