Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Curriculum and Pedagogy Department in its programs: Upper Basic Level and  Teaching Diploma is to qualify pre-service and in-service teachers with the necessary pedagogical knowledge, skills, attitudes and professional competences of the teaching profession. These programs dedicate their efforts to:

  • provide teachers with long-life learning skills, effective communication skills, and creative and critical thinking skills in order to meet the needs of changing Palestinian society.
  • develop teachers’ professional capacities in using effective strategies and techniques through the integration of modern educational technology in teaching-learning process.
  • deepen their support and commitment towards the values, ethics and morals of the teaching profession.

أخبار كلية التربية

كلية التربية تطلق موقعًا الكترونياً حول أساليب إبداعية في تدريس اللغة العربية


أطلقت دائرة المناهج وأساليب التدريس في كلية التربية في جامعة…

لقاء حول العمل التطوعي في ظل جائحة كورونا


عقد قسم الخدمة المجتمعية في كلية التربية في جامعة بيت…

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