Abeer Musleh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Adnan Ramadan

Adnan Ramadan, M.A.

Dean of Students

Ahmad Atiyha, M.Sc.

Lab Assistant-Physics

Ahmed Fasfous, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Alejandro Cerna, FSC, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Alex Hadweh

Instructor A

Amani Atrash

Secretary of Student Affairs

Ameen Radi

Kitchen Cleaner

Amjaad Musleh

Guest Relations Officer

Anwar Isied, M.Sc.

Software Developer

Barakat Hasan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Belayneh Medhanit, FSC, EdD

Vice President for Advancement

Bilal Salameh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Bisan Mousa, M.Sc.

Instructor A

Charles Abu Sa`da, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Christina Daoud

Secretary of English

Christine Abu Sa`ada

Switchboard Operator

Corazon Marielou Hinlo, M.B.A.

Payroll Administrator

Diala Awad

Assistant Grants Comptroller

Dina Massad

Secretary of the English Technical Services

Elia Sammour

Director of Business and Contracts Unit

Elias Handal, M.Sc.

Senior Biologist and Curator

Elias Juha, M.DIP

Instructor B and Training Coordinator

Elizabeth Dsouza

Director of the Library

Elsa Hazboun, M.A.

Assistant to Vice Chancellor

Enass Elias


Esperansa Kattan

Manager of the Academic Office

Fadi Kattan, Ph.D.

Dean of Business Administration, Chairperson of Accounting, Associate Professor

Fatima Hammad, MSN

Instructor A

Ferdoos Abed Rabbo Al-Issa, Ph.D.

Chairperson of Social Sciences, Assistant Professor

Firial Bannoura, BA, LIC

Lab Assistant-Chemistry

Francis Sleibi

Application Administrator

Frida Emerezian

Secretary of Science

George Al-Ali, M.B.A.

Procurement Officer

George Manoli

Assistant to Athletics Director/ Fitness Coach

George Maria

Instructional Technology Staff

George Qumseih

Research Assistant

George Rishmawi

Communications Officer

Ghada Hadweh

Secretary to the Library Director

Ghada Rumman

Sports Supervisor

Ghassan Handal, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,Chairperson of Biology

Gloria Handal

Administrative Assistant - VC
Haifa Lama

Haifa Lama


Hala Nassar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Hala Rashed, Ph.D.

Chairperson of Early Primary Education,Associate Professor

Hanadi Younan, M.A.

Dean of Arts,Lecturer,Chairperson of English

Hanan Hazboun, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Hanan Nasrallah

Administrative Assistant

Haneen Musleh

Alumni Relations Officer

Hanna Mousallam

Instructor B

Hashem Shahin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Hassan Costantini, M.A.

Manager of Planning & Business Development

Hiam Alawi, M.A.

Instructor A

Huda Musleh, M.A.

Instructor A

Huwaida Rabie, Ph.D.

Chairperson of Mathematics,Assistant Professor

Ibrahim Nuaimi

Supervisor of Computer Laboratories

Ibrahim Salhab

Clinical Assistant/Physiotherapist

Irene Makhoul/Hazou, Ph.D.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Irene Thalgieh

Secretary to the Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute/ Secretary of Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Issa Abu Awad

IT Support Staff

Issa Ghrayeb

Instructor A

Iyad Twal, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,Chairperson of Humanities,Project Manager

Jamal Ghabboun, Ph.D.

Chairperson of Physics,Associate Professor

Jamil Khader, Ph.D.

Professor,Dean of Research

Jenny Baboun Hodali

Communications Officer

Jihad Abu Amsha

Assistant VP for HR & Administrative Affairs

Jihad Najajreh, M.Sc.

System Administrator (EIS)

Johnny Bassous

Lab Assistant-CAIS

Jozeph Qumseya, M.B.A.

Financial Analyst

Juana Juha

Librarian- In charge of Circulation Services

Judy Hanania

Secretary of C. for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Khader Jum’a, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Khalid Faqih, M.A.

Instructor A

Khalil Issa, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Lina Khamis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Louba Zeidan

Project Assistant

Lubaba Sabri, M.A.

Instructor A

Luda Mustafa, M.B.A.

Grants Comptroller

Mahdi Kleibo, M.B.A.

Lecturer,Coordinator of External Academic Relations

Maher Rushdi Kattan

Plant Personnel Director

Mai Jaber, M.A.

Assistant to Dean of Students

Manal Kassis

Project Coordinator

Manal Zeitoun


Mariam Awad

Dean of Nursing & Health, Chairperson of Nursing and Midwifery, Lecturer

Mary Hodali

Secretary of Business Administration

Mary Odeh, M.Sc.

Lab Assistant-Life Sciences

Mary Van Teeffelen

Curator, Palestinian Heritage Center

Mary/Claire Habash

Secretary of Arabic Technical Services

May Mubarak

Administrative Assistant - AVP

Mazin Qumsiyeh, Ph.D.

Professor,Director of Cytogenetic Services,Director of Palestine Museum of Natural History,Project Manager

Mellie Brodeth, Ph.D.

Director of Library

Michael Sansur, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President

Michel Hanania, Ph.D.

Dean of Science, Assistant Professor, Chairperson of Chemistry

Michel Rock, M.A.

Instructor A,Chairperson of Religious Studies

Mikhael Lama

Network Administrator

Miral Nasser, M.B.A.

Library Staff- In Charge of the Journal/Periodical Services

Mirna Zoughbi

Librarian, Reference/Information Services

Mohammad Najajrah, M.Sc.

Museum Manager and Heritage Curator

Mohammed Abu Ayyash, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Mohammed Abu sarhan

Museum Biologist

Mohammed Banat, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Mona Nasser, M.A.

Instructor A

Moussa Rabadi

Director of Institute for Community Partnership

Muin Jaber, Ph.D.

Dean of Education, Assistant Professor

Mumen Al-Badarin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Muna Elias

Secretary of Registrar

Muna Matar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Munjid Kharoufeh

Instructional Technology Staff

Nabila Daqaq, M.A.

Instructor A

Nadia Bany Shamsa, M.A.

Research Assistant and Arabi Teacher for Foreigners

Nagib Nasser

University Engineer

Nahida Al-Arja, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Naila Saed

Secretary of Arts/Humanities/Religous Studies

Najwa Raheb

Finance Officer

Nariman Abu Abara

Administrative Assistant

Nawal Ne`meh

Secretary of Registrar

Neil Kieffe, FSC, Ph.D.

Resources Developer

Nidal Al-Juneidi, M.Sc.

Application Administrator

Nidal Haddad, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Nihad Jubran

Manager of Enterprise Information Systems Unit

Nisreen Khalilieh

Project Coordinator

Norma Shaheen

Assistant to Registrar

Omar Abed Rabo, Ph.D

Associate Professor / Chair of the Humanities Department

Omar Darissa, Ph.D.

Director of UNESCO Biotechnology Center

Peter Bray, FSC, EdD

Vice Chancellor

Peter Hermantas

Chef/Cooking Instructor
Br. Peter Iorlano

Peter John Iorlano, FSC, MSW, M.A.

Vice President for Human Resources & Administrative Affairs, Coordinator/Institutional Values

Philip Daoud

Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Services

Rabab Tamish, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Raed Abdul Masih, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Raed Handal, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Rami Hosh

Trainer in Culinary Arts

Rana Rock

Financial Aid Officer

Rania Abdel Nour

Administrative Assistant - Dir. HM / Coordinator of IATA Program
Rania Hazboun

Rania Hazboun

Development Officer/Raiser's Edge

Reena Saeed

Cytogenetic Technologist

Ricardo Ghawali, Prep.

Fleet Coordinator

Rima Dabdoub, M.A.

Instructor A

Rita Dieck, M.Sc.

Lab Assistant-Life Sciences

Rita Doqmaq, M.A.

Instructor A

Rizek Sleibi, M.A.

Chairperson of Curriculum and Pedagogy department,Lecturer

Rose Alsaca

Instructor A

Roy Sansour, M.A.

Financial Aid Assistant

Rula Freij

Secretary of Registrar

Saher Khair

Career Guidance Coordintor

Said Ayyad, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Chairperson of Arabic

Salam Awad

Instructor A

Salpi Giacaman

Senior Student Counselor

Samar Ghattas, MA

Lecturer/ Faculty of Arts

Samar Mousa, M.A.

Lecturer,Director of Athletics

Samer Nasser

IT Support Staff

Samia Srour

Secretary of Education

Sana’ Salsa’

Secretary of the Circulation Services

Sandy Bassous

Students Finance Manager

Shada Shahin, M.A.

Instructor A

Shady Rishmawi

Print Shop Supervisor

Shahinda Nassar

Development Officer/Scholarships & Grants

Shireen Manoli, BS, LIC

Secretary of Physical and Occupational Therapy

Sima Shatarah


Stephen Tuohy, FSC, M.Sc.

Vice President for Human Resources & Administrative Affairs

Suha Handal, M.B.A

BBI Project Coordinator

Summer Shaheen

Agriculture Specialist

Suzanne Vine Daher, M.A.

Chairperson of Physical and Occupational Therapy, Lecturer

Suzi Salman

Secretary of Nursing

Tanas Khoury, M. Dip.

Lab Assistant-Chemistry/ Faculty of Science

Thafer Jarrar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Tina Hazboun, M.Sc.

Instructional Technology Staff

Valerie Rock

Head of Arabic Technical Services/Deputy Director

Varehan Khair

Human Resources Personnel Manager

Vera Koussa

Head of English Technical Services

Victoria Baboun, M.B.A.

MICAD/MGAPS Program Assistant

Wael Nazzal

Senior Accountant

Waleed Mua`llem

Manager of Technology Infrastructure & Sup. Unit

Walid Atallah, M.A.

Lecturer/ Faculty of Arts

Walid Mustafa, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Walid Shomaly, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Wasim Zoghbi, M.Sc.

Institutional Research Administrator

William Khoury

Instructor B

Youil Anastas

Vice President for Finances

Yousef Jaradat, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ziyad Banishamsa, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor