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50 Scholarships, 50th Anniversary

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Supporting Current and New Programs

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Scholarship Support: 50 Scholarships for the 50th Anniversary

Budget: ($200,000- $800,000)

We are proud that we are able to provide scholarship assistance to over 30% of our students every year, while all students enrolled have reduced tuition. Such scholarships particularly encourage students with disabilities and students who are highly competent in their studies. To enable us to continue supporting our students, your gift to the general scholarship fund will be highly appreciated.

We have hope and a good reason to focus on our priority as always – providing quality, inclusive education to the youth of Palestine. You have a chance to be involved with us in this challenge and change lives in the process! With scholarship gifts, the impact of your donation lasts for a lifetime!


  1. Cover the annual tuition for one student in need: give $ 4,000 for one academic year, or
  2. Cover the annual tuition for one student in need for 4 years: give $16,000, or;
  3. Donate any amount of your choice towards the General Tuition Assistance (Below $4000), or;
  4. Become a major scholarship donor by establishing an endowed scholarship (Including naming rights)

Supporting Current and New Programs

Lab & Facility Equipment

Budget scale: $100,000 - $150,000

With the constant use of lab & facility equipment and the increasing number of students frequenting them on a daily basis and for long ours, equipment at Bethlehem University are in need of renovation and upgrading, especially for computer labs and science/ medical labs. Since equipment is essential for learning, especially in the scientific fields, updated and upgraded equipment will reflect very positively on the quality of learning for Bethlehem University students

  1. Biology Lab
  2. Software Engineering Lab
  3. Software Library
  4. Computers for teaching purpose: upgrading old computers and printers

Extra-Curricular Activities

Budget Scale: $ 10,000- $ 50,000

Bethlehem University is a firm believer in youth empowerment and considers it to be a key aspect of its sustainable education mission. In line with one of the key educational objectives of the University to educate the leaders of the future in Palestine, we seek to shape and engage our students in the Palestinian community as leaders and agents for positive social change.

In addition, the practice of various sports, music and cultural arts give our students an important voice through which they can express themselves. With such activities, students will be able to sharpen their skills, practice their hobbies and learn the values of volunteerism to enhance their sense of empathy, while exposing them to new contacts, building their community organizers’ skills, and exposing them to opportunities.

Campus Greening, Modernization & Beautification

Budget Scale: $ 200,000

Bethlehem University, as the first registered University in Palestine is considered a pioneer of higher education. As it celebrates its 50th Jubilee, the University seeks to also be a pioneer in adopting best environmental and health policies among Palestinian Universities and become the first entirely green campus in Palestine.

As stipulated in its new strategy, the University will strive to promote green energy techniques, and raise the awareness of its administration, staff, faculty and students on the importance of engaging in positive green practices, where a green campus is a sustainable, modern and beautiful campus.


Faith Formation Activities

Budget Scale: $ 30,000 – $ 50,000

As the only Catholic University in Palestine, Bethlehem University gives central importance on nurturing the spiritual needs of the students, staff and faculty while promoting an appreciation for the religious culture.

For this purpose, the University holds activities on a regular basis that seek to deepen the spiritual needs of its community, including visiting Biblical and archeological sites, spiritual retreats, and workshops.



Student Leadership & Internship Program

Budget Scale: $ 50,000 – $ 60,000

The Student Ambassador Program provides the University with highly qualified students capable to represent Bethlehem University in public events nationally and internationally. The Student Ambassadors’ role is to promote a positive image of Bethlehem University, raise awareness of the University’s programs and achievements, and play an integral role in the way visitors think about Bethlehem University and the Palestinian Society.

The program works to extensively train students throughout the academic year on leadership skills, including strategic communication skills, strategic thinking, management skills, and planning, among many others. Moreover, the Program includes the exposure of students to different cultures and experiences as they travel abroad to learn and share their experiences with fellow international students.