Advanced Food Safety

FSS-120 Module: Advanced Food Safety Module Description & Objectives: This capstone Food Safety course will identify and explain HACCP principles and provide students the skills to create a complete HACCP plan and self-inspection. Students will be prepared to pass an international food safety manager certification exam. Module Learning Outcomes: Upon satisfactory completion of this module, […]

Intermediate Food Safety

FSS-110 Module: Intermediate Food Safety Module Description & Objectives: Students will identify methods of food preservation, the importance of temperature control and the causes of food-borne illnesses while recognizing proper food safety practices. The skills gained through this course will allow all food service professionals in both the front and back of the house to […]

Introduction to Food Safety

FSS-101 Module: Introduction to Food Safety Module Description and Objectives: Students explore the fundamentals of food safety and environmental sanitation. In this session, they will identify the types of food contamination, the importance of personal hygiene, workplace cleanliness, and the issues of cross-contamination. This module is a basic course required for all kitchen and food […]