Degree Category: Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism

Associate Diploma in Hotel Management

This two year diploma program is designed to prepare students for various jobs in the hotel industry, the primary objective of the program is to provide students with the necessary skills, knowledge, values and attitudes to occupy operational positions in the hospitality industry. Learning Outcomes LO-1.Apply in-depth knowledge and skills in Tourism, Hotel and restaurant […]

Associate Diploma in Tour Guide

The Tour Guide Program is a tri semester certification program designed to train students in the history, geography and culture of the Holy Land. Students will develop  skills required to become a professional tour guide . Learning Outcomes Gather and interpret information about important touristic sites in the Holy Land. Comply with ethical and social […]

Associate Diploma in Travel Agency Management

This travel agency management course is designed for diploma level certificate program  and prepares students to help tourists make the best travel arrangements by coordinating hotel accommodations, transportation, sightseeing tours, cruises, resorts and specialty travel groups, and offer advice on various destinations. Agents provide travelers with information about destinations, such as local customs, regulations, monetary […]

Master in Tourism studies

Interested in the program? Register NOW The Master in Tourism Studies is a two-year postgraduate course that aims at providing an in-depth analysis of the main academic and technical issues whose knowledge represents an asset for the development of the tourism industry in Palestine. The Master’s program is multidisciplinary: it covers a wide range of […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Hotel Management

The curricula are designed to prepare students to cope with changing business conditions. It is the belief of the Institute that professional preparation should include both theoretical and practical approaches to the diverse needs of the tourism and hospitality industry. Program Learning Outcomes Apply in-depth knowledge and skills in Tourism, Hotel and restaurant operations relative   […]