Degree Category: science-21-22

Bachelor of Science Major in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) Intellectual skills Students should demonstrate the ability to describe the process of pathogenesis, analyze and interpret the results and their underlying etiology. Practical skills The ability to conduct and undertake a graduation project. This may include the undertaking of a research project to enable the student to plan for and write […]

Computer Simulation in Sciences and Engineering

The Department of Computational Science and Engineering is glad to offer a new program, Computer Simulation in Sciences and Engineering” that is unique and is considered the first in Palestine and the region. The program is undertaken full time over a period of four years with summer sessions, with 130 credits required for graduation, in […]

Master in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a new field in the realm of applied sciences which combines disciplines like genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, and cell biology, that are in turn linked to practical disciplines like chemical engineering, information technology, and robotics.  Biotechnology has applications in four major areas, including health care (medical), crop production and agriculture, non-food (industrial) […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. The major in Chemistry provides students with the basic and adequate knowledge (theory and practice) that enables them to have a solid understanding of the pure and applied chemistry in various fields such as organic, analytical, general, physical and quantum chemistry.  Graduates can pursue […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Software Engineering

The Software Engineering program provides students with knowledge and skills that enable them to design, code, test and manage quality-measured software systems. Faculty members together with industry partners will work to produce graduates with outstanding professional and practical skills. Software Engineering major includes studying and practicing the software development process, in addition to the algorithm […]

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