Degree Category: Offered Degrees 21-22

Interactive Media and Communication

Program Description Interactive Media is an alternative to traditional media which is based on making contact without making real communication with the audience. This program employs new technology to produce content that can be used on new media platforms that allow the recipient to interact with the media content instead of just being a consumer […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) Intellectual skills Students should demonstrate the ability to describe the process of pathogenesis, analyze and interpret the results and their underlying etiology. Practical skills The ability to conduct and undertake a graduation project. This may include the undertaking of a research project to enable the student to plan for and write […]

Computer Simulation in Sciences and Engineering

Background: Visit to Bethlehem University on March 6,2019 (Bethlehem) Prof. Dr. Jörg Schröder (Essen), Prof. Dr. Tim Ricken (Stuttgart), and Prof. Dr. Carlo Sansour (at the time INSA Rennes) visited Bethlehem University and met with the Vice Chancellor Brother Peter Bray,  the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Irene Hazou, and the chairperson of the […]

English Language, Literature, and Communications

With a degree in English Language, Literature, and Communications, we can prepare and train qualified people who have a strong command of the English language, knowledge, and the necessary skills to effectively communicate using electronic/digital technology. There is a clear need for such skills in many sectors such as: Public Relations departments Public and/or government […]

Bachelor of Arts in Archeology and Cultural Heritage

The Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Program is a four-year program at the undergraduate level offered by the Faculty of Arts at Bethlehem University.  The program offers its students an innovative approach to Archaeology and tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage. This program will contribute to a deeper understanding and extensive knowledge to students in and about […]

Associate Diploma in Hotel Management

This two year diploma program is designed to prepare students for various jobs in the hotel industry, the primary objective of the program is to provide students with the necessary skills, knowledge, values and attitudes to occupy operational positions in the hospitality industry. Learning Outcomes LO-1.Apply in-depth knowledge and skills in Tourism, Hotel and restaurant […]

Bachelor of Arts Major in Arabic Language and Literature

The Arabic Department goals correspond with the University vision and mission in meeting the needs of the Palestinian people. The Arabic Department is aware of these needs and attempts to offer the essential skills through the various, teaching methods, seminars, and different assessment methods while taking into consideration the graduates’ needs in teaching methods in […]

Associate Diploma in Travel Agency Management

This travel agency management course is designed for diploma level certificate program  and prepares students to help tourists make the best travel arrangements by coordinating hotel accommodations, transportation, sightseeing tours, cruises, resorts and specialty travel groups, and offer advice on various destinations. Agents provide travelers with information about destinations, such as local customs, regulations, monetary […]

Bachelor of Education Major in Pre-School

The Pre-School Program is designed to preparing and training child educators within these levels: KG1 (3years)/ KG 2 (4years) and KG 3 (5years). This program aims at graduating highly qualified educators, who realizes the importance of early years of the person. It also distinguishes itself by adopting modern education philosophy that considers education as an […]

Bachelor of Education Major in Upper Basic Level – Teaching Arabic Language

Subject Area Teacher (SAT) program qualifies graduates to teach their field of subject matter in grades 5-10. It’s a four-year program includes courses in general education, specialized teaching methods courses, subject matter courses, university requirements, and general electives. This program targets to qualify pre-service teacher students with pedagogical knowledge, skills and professional competencies of teaching.  […]

Bachelor of Education Major in Lower Basic Level

This program is designed for preparing and graduating Lower Basic Level School educators 1st through 4th Grades. The program adopts the progressive philosophy and approach, which considers education as an active developmental process, where the learner is the center of this process and responsible for approaching knowledge and developing it within his/her practical life. Program […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Hotel Management

The curricula are designed to prepare students to cope with changing business conditions. It is the belief of the Institute that professional preparation should include both theoretical and practical approaches to the diverse needs of the tourism and hospitality industry. Program Learning Outcomes Apply in-depth knowledge and skills in Tourism, Hotel and restaurant operations relative   […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a science-based health care profession which emphasizes the use of physical approaches in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of an individual’s physical, psychological and social well-being and takes into account an individual’s variations in health status. A distinctive feature of physiotherapy practice is the ability of individual practitioners to use manual therapy, therapeutic […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Occupational Therapy

The program provides an opportunity for students to gain a B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy that will meet the demands of related national and international employment fields. The BSc Occupational Therapy program is a nationally recognized award, approved by the Ministry of Health and internationally by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists [W.F.O.T]. This is essential […]

Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration

Program Description: The Bachelor of Business Administration program, offered by the Department of Business Administration, provides a comprehensive education encompassing diverse facets of modern business management. Designed to prepare students for leadership roles across a spectrum of industries, including private enterprises, government sectors, and non-profit organizations, this degree features a well-rounded curriculum. Focused on equipping […]

Bachelor of Business Administration Major in Accounting

The Faculty of Business Administration offers a baccalaureate degree in accounting that concentrates on financial and operational communications for business and non-profit organizations. The program prepares individuals for careers in public accounting, industrial or private accounting, or governmental and not-for-profit accounting. The program also prepares individuals to sit for professional licensing exams such as the […]

Bachelor of Arts Major in Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies offers a bachelor degree in Religious Studies that concentrates on the study of Christianity from a Catholic and ecumenical point of view. It seeks to meet the spiritual and academic needs of all its students, and promotes the study of religion at university level. The program aims at promoting an […]

Bachelor of Arts Major in Social Work

The study of Social Work is a multidisciplinary avocation that attempts to unite various needs and considerations. The program should provide knowledge. and develop skills and attitudes necessary to perform the tasks that social workers fulfill in the course of their careers. These tasks are extremely varied. They can apply to people with entirely different […]

Bachelor of Science Major in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. The major in Chemistry provides students with the basic and adequate knowledge (theory and practice) that enables them to have a solid understanding of the pure and applied chemistry in various fields such as organic, analytical, general, physical and quantum chemistry.  Graduates can pursue […]

Bachelor in Software Engineering

The Software Engineering program provides students with knowledge and skills that enable them to design, code, test and manage quality-measured software systems. Faculty members together with industry partners will work to produce graduates with outstanding professional and practical skills. Software Engineering major includes studying and practicing the software development process, in addition to the algorithm […]