Degree Category: Faculty of Arts

Master in Child Neuropsychology and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Joint Master's Program between Bethlehem University and Hebron University Introduction The Master's Program in Child Neuropsychology and Neurodevelopmental Disorders is considered the first program of its kind in Palestinian universities. The program is based on current scientific knowledge in neuropsychology aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice in working with various neurodevelopmental disorders, [...]

Interactive Media and Communication

Program Description Interactive Media is an alternative to traditional media which is based on making contact without making real communication with the audience. This program employs new technology to produce content that can be used on new media platforms that allow the recipient to interact with the media content instead of just being a consumer […]

English Language, Literature, and Communications

With a degree in English Language, Literature, and Communications, we can prepare and train qualified people who have a strong command of the English language, knowledge, and the necessary skills to effectively communicate using electronic/digital technology. There is a clear need for such skills in many sectors such as: Public Relations departments Public and/or government […]

Bachelor of Arts in Archeology and Cultural Heritage

The Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Program is a four-year program at the undergraduate level offered by the Faculty of Arts at Bethlehem University.  The program offers its students an innovative approach to Archaeology and tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage. This program will contribute to a deeper understanding and extensive knowledge to students in and about […]

Minor in Political Science

The program reviews the various definitions and concepts in political science and its relationship with other sciences. It introduces students to political theories related to the understanding and analysis of political phenomena. The program offers courses in ancient, medieval, and contemporary political thought, in addition to courses in the theories of the emergence and development […]

Minor in Psychology

The Department of Social Sciences offers a minor in Psychology. This minor aims at preparing professional specialist who can contribute in the society renaissance. It works towards providing the student with the theoretical frame and skills that will help them contribute in shaping the life of the marginalized. Degree Requirements Program of Study  

Minor in Catechetics

The Department of Religious Studies offers a minor in Catechetics. To earn the minor a student has to complete 24 credit hours as listed in catalog (Click here) Degree Requirements Program of Study  

Minor in French

In addition to the Major, the Department of English provides a French Language minor available to all university students. Degree Requirements Program of Study  

Minor in Translation

The minor in translation aims to train students in translation skills (written and interpretation) from Arabic to English and vice-versa Program Learning Outcomes Upon completion, students will be able to: write and translate audio from English to Arabic and Vice versa translate writing and audit texts from English to Arabic and Vice versa use the […]

Minor in Journalism

The minor in Journalism aims to train and teach students in the fields of  print, audio and multimedia journalism. Program Learning Outcomes Upon completion, students will be able to: criticize newspapers and literature texts criticize the television content, film documentaries and programs edit journalism texts ( News, Reports, investigation and advertising) produce radio programs produce […]

Bachelor of Arts Major in Arabic Language and Literature

The Arabic Department goals correspond with the University vision and mission in meeting the needs of the Palestinian people. The Arabic Department is aware of these needs and attempts to offer the essential skills through the various, teaching methods, seminars, and different assessment methods while taking into consideration the graduates’ needs in teaching methods in […]

Bachelor of Arts Major in Sociology

Sociology as a discipline is concerned with developing a knowledge and understanding of Social Work from a distinctively social point of view. Its focus is on the relations that connect individuals, groups and institutions. When it looks at the characteristics, understandings and practices of individuals themselves, it does so from the standpoint of their relations […]

Associate Diploma in Religious Education

The Religious Studies Department also makes available for those students in Amman, Jordan, the opportunity to earn a teaching Diploma in Christian Education.  This is a two-year program with all of the courses taught in Amman under the capable direction of qualified and experienced teachers.  The Diplomas are stamped and accepted by the Ministry of […]

Master in Social Work

The Master in Social Work, MSW, offered by the Department of Social Sciences at Bethlehem University, is a rigorous two-year community based program that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the Palestinian society.  The program has three components: core curriculum, advanced practice, and research. The first is a core curriculum provides the students […]

Bachelor of Arts Major in English Language and Literature

The bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature is a four-year program at the undergraduate level that offers to the students the opportunity to engage in the study of language, linguistics and literature.  Students are immersed in the practice of the four language skills, the basic theory of linguistics, the appreciation of English and World […]

Bachelor of Arts Major in Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies offers a bachelor degree in Religious Studies that concentrates on the study of Christianity from a Catholic and ecumenical point of view. It seeks to meet the spiritual and academic needs of all its students, and promotes the study of religion at university level. The program aims at promoting an […]

Bachelor of Arts Major in Social Work

The study of Social Work is a multidisciplinary avocation that attempts to unite various needs and considerations. The program should provide knowledge. and develop skills and attitudes necessary to perform the tasks that social workers fulfill in the course of their careers. These tasks are extremely varied. They can apply to people with entirely different […]