Chilean Parliament Delegation Visits Campus

A delegation from the Chilean Parliament visited Bethlehem University on Thursday, 30 of August.

The delegation included Mr. Maurice Khamis, elected chairman of the Palestinian Community in Chile, and ten members of the Chilean Parliament from different political groups. 

Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor, welcomed the delegation and briefed them about Bethlehem University and its mission to serve the Palestinian people through education.

Brother Peter thanked the delegation for coming to Palestine, particularly Bethlehem University, as their presence helps in keeping hope alive and thanked them for standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

He also explained to them the relations Bethlehem University has with the University of Chile and the Palestinian community there.

MP Sergio Gahona, head of the delegation, thanked the University for hosting the delegation which is part of the Palestinian Chilean friendship committee, the biggest in the congress.

Mr. Gahona said they work together with the Palestinian community to help build Palestine. 

The delegation was keen on knowing more about Bethlehem University and its students. A discussion with student ambassadors to talk about their experiences at Bethlehem University took place followed by a light lunch. 

The delegation’s visit to Palestine was organized by the Palestinian community in Chile in cooperation with the PLO.

Chilean Parliament members visit