PSSF Board Visits Campus to Meet with Students

On Tuesday, 29 October 2019, a delegation from the Palestine Students Scholarship Fund (PSSF) visited Bethlehem University to meet with students who receive the PSSF scholarships.

The delegation comprised of Malek Al-Massad, Ali Ata, Khalil Khalil, Khalil Ismail, Ziad Farhan, and Muhammad Al-Asfar.

Vice President for Financial Affairs Youil Anastas, Students Finance Manager Sandy Bassous, Guest Relations Officer Amjaad Musleh, and Development Officer Shahinda Nassar welcomed the delegation and briefed them on the latest developments on campus.

Mr. Anastas thanked the delegation for their continuous support and highlighted the importance of such support to Bethlehem University through scholarships, which helps to provide quality education to its students in the Holy Land despite the ongoing difficulties.

Mr. Ali Ata from the PSSF said they were proud to be supporting the University as the challenge of the PSSF is to support the education in Palestine to help students stay in the country.

Twelve students met with the delegation to thank them for this scholarship which allows them to devote more time to studying instead of working.

Scholarships change the lives of the students who receive them and often change entire generations of a single-family.

The meeting was followed by a tour around campus. The guests were impressed by the classical buildings of the University; the De La Salle Hall constructed in 1893 and Bethlehem Hall constructed in 1910. 

The Palestine Students Scholarship Fund is a Chicago based fund that provides Bethlehem University with twelve scholarships annually. It was founded in 2015 by a group of Palestinian Americans. The Fund supports students that have no access to Higher Education due to financial hardships. The objective of the Fund is to enable bright young men and women to seek advanced degrees to better themselves, their families and their communities.

Visit of PSSF