The Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability at Bethlehem University (PIBS- BU), The Galilee Society (GS), and The Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People (PCR) announce the availability of research grants in the areas of human and bio- diversity. The project funded by the European Union Peace building Initiative “Unity and Diversity in Nature and Society” (ENI/148-412/2019) Aims at: Promoting joint actions focused on the sustainability of human and natural systems. Valuing diversity (agricultural, human, natural) through establishing three regional centers (Biodiversity, Human Diversity, & Education Centers).

 Objectives include: Integrating and enhancing research and development (R&D) among researchers from different regions in areas of biodiversity leading to conservation and sustainability of both human and natural ecosystems, and Promote behavioral change in communities leading to respect and conservation for human and natural diversity. We seek local research proposals (please note preferences given for master students), based on these guidelines:

 For those interested, please fill out this stage 1 online form by 29 August 2020: