New Academic Year 2020-2021 Begins Amid Pandemic

The fall 2020 semester at Bethlehem University began on Monday, 14 September 2020.

This year, the safety of staff, faculty members, and students, vis-a-vis the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread, is top priority.

Bethlehem University’s plan for the semester is based on the instructions and decisions of competent authorities, headed by the Higher Education Council, the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, and the Ministry of Health.

Most courses will be held virtually. Face-to-face courses requiring hands-on practice, such as laboratory training courses, will be conducted with safety measures that accord with the Ministry of Health’s safety protocols.

Face-to-face orientations for new students were held in each faculty separately, to introduce the newly accepted students to campus facilities and to faculty members.

Happy new academic year to all staff, faculty members and students!