The Office of the Dean of Research and the Research Council are pleased to invite you to attend the third colloquium in the Research and Creativity colloquia for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Ms. Hiba Jaraiseh, Instructor in the Chemistry Department, and Ms. Minerva Jaraiseh, instructor in the Social Sciences Department, and Dr. Hanan Hazboun, Assistant Professor in the Nursing and Health Sciences Faculty, will discuss their research project titled, “Hydroquinone Amount in Selected Skin-Whitening Creams, Awareness and attitude among women in Palestine, which was funded by the Ministry of Higher Education. This study was financed by a grant from the Ministry of Higher Education through Bethlehem University. 

This event will be held at 11:30 am on Thursday 12/11/ 2020 via Google Meet  at the following link:

This series of colloquia aims to showcase faculty research, introduce its sources of funding, encourage critical and constructive exchanges about research, and provide opportunities for researchers to network and form interdisciplinary research clusters.  

Your attendance enriches the discussion and supports a culture of excellence in research