Bethlehem University Held Four In-Person Graduation Ceremonies

Bethlehem University conferred degrees upon Graduates of the Faculty of Education and Tarek Juffali Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences during its 44th graduation ceremonies that were held on Tuesday and Thursday, 10 and 12 November 2020.

The events took place at the Auditorium in the Social Cultural Center in the presence of the Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine and the Chancellor of Bethlehem University, H. E. Msgr. Leopoldo Girelli, the Vice Chancellor, Br. Peter Bray, the Deans of the faculties, Faculty and Staff members, and the Graduates. Attendance was around 250 for each ceremony with masks required.

After the national anthem and the anthem of the University, the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Muna Matar, served as Master of Ceremonies, welcomed the Graduates and congratulated them on their well-deserved success.

In his address, the Vice Chancellor, Brother Peter Bray said, “We really miss the presence of family and friends, and it is unfortunate that parents cannot be present to share the joy with their children as they receive their first university diploma. However, thanks to technology, they were able to watch the ceremonies online.”

He added “This ceremony today brings to an end your time here at Bethlehem University; an official closure to that time. I hope you look back on the time that you have spent at Bethlehem University with fondness and take some good memories with you. Please do not stop learning, wherever you go from here continue to be open to learning so that you become lifelong learners. I believe you have a saying in Arabic ‘seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave’. You leave here to serve your community and to serve Palestine.”

Manar An-Nabulsi, who got the highest GPA in the Faculty of Education, gave the graduate speech on Tuesday. She said “I hope that Bethlehem University will remain a model in education with high academic standing; a haven for Palestinian students looking for a better life; a pioneer in tolerance, pluralism and human rights; a moral fortress in the face of colonialism and occupation violence; and a beacon of faith and love.”

Sally Al-Araj, who got the highest GPA in the Tarek Juffali Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, gave the graduate speech on Thursday. She said “It is hard to stand on this podium, to recall everything that has gone past and to speak on behalf of every graduate in the Faculty. We are very proud of graduating from the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences which embraced us all with love and affection; we will always be grateful.”

The Chancellor of Bethlehem University Most Reverend Leopoldo Girelli, the Vice Chancellor Brother Peter Bray, and assisted by Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Irene Hazou conferred the degrees and diplomas to the Graduates on both days.

The usual graduation plans, that were supposed to be held in June, have been derailed by the coronavirus. Therefore, Bethlehem University decided to hold four in-person graduation ceremonies in November. This extended schedule is due to an effort to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.

This is the first time in the University’s history to hold four different graduation ceremonies. Bethlehem University previously conferred degrees upon Graduates of the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration, and Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism during its 44th graduation ceremonies that were held on Tuesday and Wednesday, 3 and 4 November 2020. To read more, please click here.

Photos of the third and fourth days of the Graduation ceremonies:

44 Graduation Ceremony - Day 3
44 Graduation Ceremony - Day 4