Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop

On Sunday, 24 October 2021, the Midwifery students held a workshop at Alrowwad Cultural and Art Society in Aida Refugee Camp for several women from the Camp as part of the activities held during Pink October; the month of awareness and early detection of breast cancer.  

This workshop is one of Women’s Health Course requirements entitled “Your Health is Our Concern” which is held in cooperation with the “Al Maha Cancer Society.”

The workshop included several activities related to breast cancer from prevention to treatment, demonstration and simulation on a manikin to explain breast self-exam, and an academic video about mammography and surgical procedure for treatment was shown. The students also prepared some posters to clarify the symptoms and methods of treatment. On the other hand, the referral process for free mammography at the MOH clinic was also explained.

Finally, a breast cancer survivor expressed her experience in discovering the disease and her journey with treatment that encouraged the audience to do the exam. One of the students offered the clinical exam for several women at the end of the workshop.

This day was coordinated by: Mrs. Fatima Hammad/ Madany the clinical coordinator for the midwifery program and Dr. Hanan Hazboun the Managing Director of Al Maha society, who answered several questions related to Brest Cancer and the healthy lifestyle.

In the same context and to strengthen the role of the midwife by raising health awareness in the society and for women at all stages of their lives, and to reach those in need in the marginalized area, one midwifery student “Raya Sharhah” from the Midwifery Program / Bethlehem University implemented, an awareness activity on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, to students of Christa Secondary School (in the city of Dura / south of Hebron. This activity was supervised by Mrs. Fatima Al-Madany/ within the Health promotion course.