Bethlehem University Launches Golden Jubilee Logo

As Bethlehem University prepares for its 50th year since its inception and will celebrate the Golden Jubilee next academic year, Bethlehem University unveiled on Monday, 30 May 2022, the jubilee logo which contains the number fifty and the bell tower in its center in addition to the slogan “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve”.

The bell tower is built on the De La Salle Hall; the oldest building on the University campus and is considered one of the Palestinian architectural heritage that dates back to 1893.

The Executive Vice President Rev. Dr. Iyad Twal said the jubilee is a major milestone because Bethlehem University played an important role in founding the process of higher education in Palestine over the past decades with the excellence of its programs.  

The University is preparing to carry out many different events and activities in the Golden Jubilee year (2023), which will be announced later this year and will target the local community, students, and academics.

In 2021, Bethlehem University launched a competition to design the logo which Mr. John Atick, who designed the first version of the logo, won.