International Students Graduate from Arabic School

On Wednesday, 20 July 2022, a graduation ceremony was held at the Bethlehem University Millennium Lounge for foreign students undergoing courses in Arabic Language which are conducted via the Brother Vincent Malham Center.

Ms. Nadia Bany Shamsa, Arabic Teacher for Foreigners, began the ceremony by welcoming the graduates and congratulating them on their performance and dedication. She stressed on the importance of practicing to speak Arabic language in order to further enhance their skills.

Vice Chancellor Brother Peter Bray congratulated the graduates on learning a new language and encouraged them to continue using it.

Mr. Petr Felčl and Mr. Adam Pospíšil from the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at Charles University in Prague attended the ceremony in which students performed a play and sang songs in Arabic. A short video of the students speaking in Arabic was screened.

Vice Chancellor Brother Peter Bray and Vice President for Finances Mr. Youil Anastas presented them with their certificates of graduation.

After the ceremony, refreshments were offered and everyone took the time to socialize and discuss their experiences studying Arabic in Palestine.