St. Joseph’s School children Visit BU Library

A total of 105 students from St. Joseph’s Elementary School for Girls visited the Bethlehem University Library with their teachers on the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of October 2022. Each day, the Turathuna team welcomed the students at the main gate and accompanied them to the Library where they were welcomed by Mary Morcos and the Turathuna team.

Mirna Zoughbi explained to them about the RFID and the different sections of the library. Sana’ Salsa took photos and Claire Habbash accompanied the group.

In Turathuna: George Nasra Center for Palestinian Heritage, Mary Morcos explained about the Palestinian Heritage and interacted with them by asking questions about heritage as they learn in their school, some students took notes.

Two short films were shown about Bethlehem during the British Mandate. They were impressed to see the clothes worn at the time. The students were happy and enthusiastic.

We are grateful to St. Joseph School for girls for this visit.