The Arabic Department and Dr. Said Ayyad Interactive Media and Communication Center organized a regional symposium about “The Narration in the Novel vs. Screen Play” at Bethlehem University on the 18th of October, 2022.

The session was moderated by Dr. Ziyad Bani Shamsa, Chair of the Arabic Department at Bethlehem University. Dr. Bani Shamsa said in his introduction that narrative copyrights are not limited to written material anymore, it is also now applied to other fields such as watching, listening, and through films and novels.

The symposium hosted the Palestinian scenarist and director Ismail Al-Habbash, and the Jordanian director and film-maker Salah Abu Own, in addition to the Iraqi artist Sa’adi Bahri, who affirmed through their presentations that the narrative is the cornerstone in writing film scenarios and movies.

Speakers presented some of their experiences, including a sketch about the Gilgamesh Epic by Sa’adi Bahri.