Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During Breast Cancer Awareness month, The Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences at Bethlehem University represented by the midwifery students, carried out several workshops to promote public knowledge and awareness of breast cancer. The workshops targeted a number of women in the Bethlehem area and involved teaching them about breast cancer, signs and symptoms, treatment methods, early screening, self-examinations, and prevention.

The workshops were held in collaboration with the Al-Maha Cancer Society and several local and social organizations including Ibdaa Center / Dheisheh camp, Women’s Center – Dar Salah, Beit Sahour Women’s Union, Al Rowad Center, Aida Camp Youth Center. Several corners were introduced to reach out to women through innovative ways of teaching and discussions. These included leaflets, panels, and hands-on opportunities to learn the techniques of self-examinations, in addition to offering the opportunity of undergoing Clinical Breast Exams while ensuring competency and privacy. 

These workshops were supervised by Ms. Fatima Al-Madani, the clinical coordinator of the midwifery program, and Dr. Hanan Hazboun, head of the Al-Maha Cancer Society.