On Thursday, 27th of October, the Occupational Therapy program at the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences at Bethlehem University organized an event to celebrate World Occupational Therapy Day, during which senior students of the program displayed their work. The event was opened by Dean Mariam Awad and the exhibits were the result of the adaptive equipment course led by Mr. Anan Ghabbash. A group of local organizations and centers visited the event.
Also, on this day, the new Occupational Therapy Clinic at Bethlehem University was opened for public view. The clinic has been equipped, renovated and is now fully prepared to receive clients. The clinic will provide services for newborns, toddlers, school children, older children and adults with functional challenges. It will provide standardized assessments and evaluations for all clients and the needed treatment sessions. The clinic will offer different services at suitable prices that can be affordable for all.

For more information please contact us at:
02-2741241 Ext. 2074
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